* * * * * KILL BILL vol.1     
    Warning, a few spoliers maybe: First of all, let me begin by stating I don't know why I was interested in this movie.  I don't know why we were so drawn to it.  There is something clearly unique about this...well...can it really be called a movie?  We don't think so.  It is more of an experiment than a movie, an indpenpendant film on a large budget.  And quite frankly a thing of perfection.  So, that is why I was drawn to it.  And for once, the trailers do a movie justice, for they are as perfect as the film itself.

    There is an R rating stamped on this puppy, and it deserves it.  So first of all, don't bring your kid, your teenager or anyone that is sqeemish to this movie.  And if you do not head this warning, such people will be in therapy.  We are not seeing a cowboy western here. We are not seeing a few people die.  There is a serious statement here and it should be respected. To those who can handle the slaughter, this movie is a different kind of therapy, for the vast landscape of blood and death is beautiful to behold.  Yes I know that sentence sounds odd, but the montage of death is much like a painting.

    Visually, Q.T. went with a rather unique approach throughout the film.  And I mentioned several times throughout the movie that it reminded me of many anime (animation) styles.  This is the first time I've seen a movie resembling a Japanese animation film and not the other way around.  A joy.  A true joy.  And a quarter of the way through you are surprisingly served a full five minutes of animation that perfectly matched the film.  I think in this case Q.T. is on my wavelength.

    The element you will notice immediately is the blood spray.  Every time a character looses a limb, and this happens around 100 times (LEGS, ARMS, AND OH YEAH HEADS) there is a garden hose spray of blood as if the human body was over-pressurized.  The educated will note that in fact the body is pressurized, so this format is an exageraition of the truth.  The first few times you see this effect it will turn your stomach.  The next 98 times, you get the point and actually it makes you relax.  Death becomes almost comical and the sprays soften the horror that you would normally feel if 100 people die.  Cause it doesn't feel like real people are dieing, it feels like animated characters.  Love it.  Absolutely love it.  The sword fights harken back to the glory of the light saber, except better executed.

    The plot uses Q.T.'s usually time skipping method, which in this case helps tell the story more fluidly.  The confusion one feels in the first viewing of Pulp Fiction is not present and we can see maturity here.  And at the end what you will notice is a ton of plot holes. You will be asking why and how and what happens next.  The deep backstory of Uma Thurman's character seems to be missing.  She was part of an elite killing squad, but why and what specifically was her role?  And what did the other members of it do?  And how did she link up with the leader of the group "Bill" who is only heard in this installment.  These are questions you will want answered, and this is why vol. 2 will be a success.  It will be interesting to see if there are time hops before vol.1.  Sicne this film was originally supposed to be only one release, this is almost a definite scanario.

    Will Uma "Black Mamba" be able to Kill Bill?  What will she find when she gets there?  And most importantly was the opening scene of the movie actually the "ending" of the film and not the finally?  Think about it.  We'll see.

    Unbelievable Kudos...

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