***** SURFACE     
    Warning possible easrly episode spoilers below...

As ABC's horrible"Invasion" continues to gather ratings from its post-LOST timeslot,we'd just like to point out what you should be watching, the quitefrankly amazing Surface.  The thing about this show is, with verylittle exception, it's based in science fact.  And although wehave no doubt that some science fiction will be mixed in soon, itsrefreshing to see a show be creative without breaking the laws ofphysics.
Surface in anutshell is Jaws on steroids.  There seems to be a universal fearthat all human's share when they look out at the ocean.  We don'tbelong there and know there are things down deep that haven't been seenand may never be seen.  However, we also have a love of thecoastline.  The majority of the world's population lives near thewater.  We are drawn to the beauty that the sea representsregardless of the dangers it poses.  Surface plays on that fearand love.
This is a seamonster story to be sure, in the true tradition of Homer.  Areally really BIG sea monster story.  To appreciate the scope,imagine the shark from Jaws.  Scary and huge to be sure.  Ok,now imagine that shark's body being bit off by the  beasts romSurface, using only two or three of teeth mind you.  Well, youdon't have to imagine it, because in Surface you actually get to seeit.  The CGI work done here is amazing.  Virtually ever fish,from those in the ocean to those in home aquariums are done on computerand although you can tell they are CGI, you don't care, because itsjust so well done.
Plot-wise Surfacehas a lot to offer.  There are mysteries on top ofmysteries.  The monsters threaten to destroy the ocean ecology,drain entire lakes inland and did we mention are digging holes in theEarth's core too.  And all of that happens in the first half dozenepisodes.  In short, they are turning Earth into swisscheese.  Every episode shows a new major surprise, and we haven'teven  begun to tackle how to combat these things or where in factthey came from.
This is the kind ofshow that usually doesn't make it to Television.  It is breakingnew ground in a television spectrum that has seen science fictiondevolve into the same thing every single week.  This is new. This is what you should be watching.
The cast is fluidand even, containing no stars.  Our only complaint comes in thedrection of the head Russian scientist.  For the life of us, thereare times when we can't understand a full sentence of hisdialogue.  But, we look at it with an eye towards realism. If we were in a room with this guy, we wouldn't be able to understandhim in real life.  Why should TV be any different.  And ifthat's our only complaint, wow are they doing something right.
Jump on this one and ride it until it pulls you under.   You won't be sorry.
             |, 2005 |