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    I saw this one in the theaters on opening weekend.  And low and behold what did me and my family see was a religious nut standing under the sign for all the movies with cardboard in his hand asking everyone not to see Dogma.  Now don't get me wrong.  I respect everyone's religious beliefs UNTIL they interfere with others beliefs and UNTIL common sense is lost and we all dissolve into a cult mentality.  Did this person see Dogma?  Does this person have a sense of humor?  All really a shame.

    Because those who opposed Dogma's release I classify into the category of a cult.  Dogma is a comedy but more than that the underlying message in it is positive.  100% positive.  Sure there are swears and its crude but that's the way life is.  This, in all its essence, Dogma is a masterpiece of morality, showing us right off the bat that we shouldn't take things for granted and we should look for answers from places we don't look to.  Sure you can get answers from religion, but all of them?  No, you can't.  And if you try to you are missing a lot of life.

    Now onto the Special Edition.  The DVD comes packed with features.  Over an hour of extra bonus scenes each with an intro, two commentaries, lots of surprises.  This is a DVD that makes fun of itself and points out where they went wrong and right.  Its just fun and well worth the money.  Kevin Smith knows how to make DVDs and this one is gold.

    Find out which cast members were hell to deal with, which ones were cast behind others and what scenes were thrown out.  Kevin Smith hides nothing, nor should he.  A movie of this scope made for 10 million and not given any promotion makes three times its budget.  The little movie that could did.  And if you pay attention and don't take things too seriously you might learn something about yourself.  Answers some from weird places, but usually from within.

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